This privacy policy was last updated on 27 November 2020.

In this policy, “us”, “we” or “our” means BDH Pty Ltd ATF BDH Business Trust, trading as Blyth Breakout, the operators of this website.

We are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (subject to any exemptions that apply under that Act).

This privacy policy may be reviewed and updated, taking into account any amended or new laws, changes to how we operate or technology.  The most recently updated policy will determine how the personal information is held by us.

Who we are and how to contact us

We are BDH Pty Ltd ATF BDH Business Trust.  Our trading name is Blyth Breakout  Our ABN is 58 314 418 719

Our website address is:

You can contact us by:


Phone:   08 8844 5250

Post:   PO Box 221, Blyth  SA  5462

In person:   3 South Terrace, Blyth  SA  5462

What personal data may we collect and why we collect it

Personal Data

The personal data that you provide to us may  include your email, name, phone, address, date of birth, company, gender, financial and credit card information as well as the details you provide in any other enquiry you make with us.

The personal data you provide to us may be collected through many different channels, for example, subscribing on our website, setting up an account when you make a booking, posting to any social media sites that we run or tagging or mentioning us in a post to your own social media site, directly contacting us about an escape experience or party or function booking, purchasing a gift voucher, connecting with us when you would like to make a booking, have made a booking or a member of a group who has made a booking, entering a competition, leaving a review on any other external suppliers site.

We will also collect information about the booking(s) you have made where applicable such as the date, time and game(s)  you may have played along with the details of any participants you may have booked on behalf of.


All orders are pre-paid and placed in Australian dollars before the activity can be undertaken or product supplied.

In the case of you paying for your order with your credit card, we do not store your credit card number on our servers, however it may be retained by our payment gateway provider in circumstances where it is required to be at the direction of the payment gateway.

Personal data we receive from 3rd parties

If you participate in a game that has been booked by someone else, your name will be provided to us in the booking. 

In the case of our external suppliers, any personal data collected by these parties may be passed onto us.

Whilst certain areas of our website may contain links to external websites, they do not form part of our website and therefore we have no control over them.  We therefore do not accept any responsibility for the contents or actions of any 3rd party websites.

Technical website data collection

Information such as IP addresses, page click history and navigation, browsers, time zones, plug-ins, device type and operating platform, errors, length of stays etc may be collected and used for analytical purposes to assist in us better developing our future web sites and/or business operations

Security Cameras (CCTV)

We have CCTV fitted throughout the facility both for our security and yours.  CCTV is installed in all our escape rooms, this is so our Game masters can monitor you during your escape room experience to ensure you are both delighted, assisted and kept safe during the game.  We record and store the images captured.

So what do we do with the personal data

We will never pass on your personal data to any unauthorised external party, it is used to:

  • provide you with an amazing experience whilst you are here by personalising your experience 
  • communicate with you directly to ensure you have all the information you need about our products and services
  • send you emails relating to you bookings for example, confirmation of booking, updates on any amendments required, updates where COVID-19 restrictions will affect your booking, useful information to assist your booking, thank you for participating and requests for reviews
  • send you emails with special offers for return visits
  • send you marketing materials to keep you up to date with news and offering but only in accordance with your marketing preferences
  • invite you to secret events
  • wish you happy birthday if you have provided us with your birth date
  • help us manage and develop our business
  • request you review our business to help us improve

Why would we share your personal data with other parties

We are required to share you personal data with some other parties on a day to day basis in order to provide you with the experience or product you have booked, these parties may include but are not limited to:

  • our Game masters – in order for them to run your game
  • external booking and payment providers so that you can book and pay for your experience or product such as swaiver, bookeo, square and eWay, copies of their privacy policies can be found on their websites.
  • we also have a duty to share or disclose your personal data to any other party in order to comply with legal obligations, COVID-19 tracing, or in order to enforce or apply our terms and conditions as listed on our website or waiver or to protect the property, rights and safety of customers, ourselves or others.

So what do we do with technical website data

We will never pass on your personal technical data to any unauthorised external party, it is used to:

  • help us build better websites
  • provide analytical data to assist in business planning
  • help us trouble shoot any bugs with the web site
  • to help keep our web site safe, secure and up to date
  • to assist with internal marketing strategies

Our obligations and yours

Consent to use your personal and/or technical data

So now we have told you what we collect and why, we also need to let you know that we don’t necessarily need to ask your permission to use it.   In the daily running of our business we may use your personal data without asking for your explicit consent because we have entered into a contract with you, under that contract you have provided us your information so we can provide you our service.  Also we are using your personal information for our own legitimate purposes directly related to the operation of our business like administration, management and improving our services.

There may be some circumstances where we may wish to use your personal information for a purpose that does require your consent, such as reposting an image from your social media to ours.  For these circumstances we will contact you and request your permission (and of course give you full photo credit), you are not obliged to give your consent just because we asked for it and if you do consent you can still change your mind later.

Are you legally obliged to provide your personal data to us

No, but if you choose not to then we probably will be unable to provide you with service you have requested either.  Especially with the current COVID-19 tracing requirements.

Your rights to know what data we hold and to control how it is used

You absolutely have a legal right to know what data we hold and how we may or may not have used it.  You have the ability to exercise this right at any time by written request .  Should you wish to pursue this please email us at with the email subject line “Personal Data Access Request – your name” and we will endeavor to respond as soon as is practical.

You also have the right to prevent your personal data from being used for marketing purposes, have any erroneous data corrected, have your data blocked or erased.  You can object to us using your data in ways that are likely to cause you damage or distress, object to your personal data being used for profiling, object to the decisions being made about you by any automated means, restrict our use of your personal data, require us to delete your personal data.  You can also request that we provide you or a nominated representative with a copy in electronic format of any personal data you have given us.

How to take it further if you are unhappy with how we have used your personal data

In the first instance we would hope you would contact us direct to discuss your concerns and we have 30 days to respond to your complaint.  If you do not receive a response within 30 days or you are not happy with the response we provided, you can complain to the OAIC in writing.  for more information please visit their website