Inside the old Blyth Hospital building at 3 South terrace, Blyth

Blyth is approx 150 km for Adelaide or 10 minutes from Clare.

Entrance is off South terrace, just look for the flags or the BDH sign.

Yes, whilst you might get lucky and find we have an available room if you just show up it’s probably a better option to book so you don’t drive all this way to miss out!

You can always give us a call on 8844 5250, we are happy to help you out.

Sadly we can not offer any refunds.  If you contact us at least 48 hours before your booking we can look at rescheduling your session.  If you leave it too late then it’s probably too late for us to help you too.

We have a game to suit those aged 4 to 99, as long as you are physically capable we have an adventure for you.  Every game needs at least one player aged 16 years+

We recommend the following rooms:

Families with young kids – Genie’s Lamp

Families with tween to teens – Prison Break or Pirate’s Peril

Families with older teens – Prohibition Bar

Group of friends, teams, bucks, hens, work mates – Any

The Genie’s Lamp is the easiest and only a 30 minute adventure

Prohibition Bar and Pirate’s Peril are about a medium in the difficulty scale

Prison Break is the hardest room, but don’t let that put you off, with the right team it is possible to escape.

While the goal is to escape you are never actually locked in, for your safety and sanity you are always able to leave through the door you entered.

In the Prison Break room you do start hand cuffed and locked in a cell but we are always watching and will release you if you become distressed.

Each room booking is a private experience for your group only.  Minimum number of people to play is 2.

As it’s a private experience, the cost per person reduces the more people who play.

Prices start at $38 p/p for 1 hour game and $20 p/p for 30 minute game.

Yes, we built the rooms inside the old Blyth hospital!

We believe we are the only rooms in the world built in a decommissioned hospital building.

Plans are in place to build an escape room in the original hospital operating theatre that still has the operating theatre lights installed. It’s going to be scary, creepy and a one of a kind experience ….. watch this space!